The Super Smash Bros. tournament series Return to Subspace announced its third iteration, which is set to start on March 7, 2020, and conclude the following day. After two years at the Balance Patch gaming cafe the tournament is moving to Platinum City Gaming in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Previous Return to Subspace events were notable for the fact that they featured Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a main bracket, and this third iteration is no exception. Both Brawl and Ultimate will have brackets for singles and doubles at the event. New to the tournament is the duelist pro bracket for Brawl, and for an extra challenge players can once again try to take on the “Ganon Gauntlet” and fight seven Ganon players in a row. Duelist Pro is an unconventional custom game mode where two players use Snake on a specially made custom stage. Competitors have to make use of Snake’s moveset to stay in the air as they fight each other beneath the stage.

Registration for all brackets of the tournament is currently open on and will close on Feb. 23.


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