The 2.0 update for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle released on Nov. 21, bringing many changes to the game. Cross Raid and Extra Assault are new offensive options any character can use, and players can now delay when their second character appears after their lead is defeated. Once the in-game timer reaches 80 seconds the game will also now enter Rampage Time where both players’ skill gauges fill up automatically, resulting in more frequent special usage. 

Many existing mechanics have changed as well. Lower health characters have had their total health increased. Characters with only 14,000 health now have 16,000, and characters whose total health was 16,000 before the patch now have 17,000. Additionally, all Persona characters now take less damage from Persona Break. Matches are likely to go on for longer with these more defense oriented changes.

Alongside these universal adjustments, individual balance changes were made to the entire roster. Thirteen characters got their movesets expanded, and eleven have had old attacks replaced by new ones. Changes of this scale to fighting game movesets are rare in balance patches as discarding moves invariably leads to unusual metagame shifts. 

Nu’s new 4B attack adds to her anti-air options by letting her fire her infamous projectiles at a more upwards angle without having to crouch first. While she remains weak at close range, it’ll now be harder to get close to her in the first place. 

Hakumen’s new mid air distortion opens up new options for him when it comes to aerial combos, and should help him punish any enemies trying to jump in on him. While it likely won’t change his overall game plan too much, there may be some new optimal combos with Hakumen.

Hazama and Noel are tied as the most altered characters with three new moves each. As one of Hazama’s changed moves is his 5P, players may want to re-evaluate who they want to partner him with.

Ruby remains secure in her spot as one of the strongest characters in the game with even more options being opened up to her by this patch. She not only gained more mobility through the ability to cancel her gunblast in the same direction as the initial hit, but also a way to keep enemies closer to her with her standing A attack.

Meanwhile, Mitsuru got hit by the nerf bat following her usage by three of the top 8 teams at Arc Revo America. That said, it will likely take consecutive nerfs to push her down from the high tier. 

On the low tier end, Yukiko is set to benefit greatly, now being able to jump cancel her crouching B attack and deal damage with her 4P. Additionally, as a low health Persona character, she is one of the most notable beneficiaries of the overall health adjustments. 

Fellow low tier Kanji received a good number of direct improvements to his moveset—such as a faster dash and more chances to call on assists—that will likely push him up at least one tier.

Furthermore, nine new characters have been added to the roster as paid DLC: Neopolitian from RWBY, Hilda from Under Night In-Birth, Adachi and Elizabeth from Persona 4 Arena, Susano’o and Celica from Blazblue, Akatsuki and Blitztank from Akatsuki Blitzkampf, and Yumi from Senran Kagura. These nine will most certainly make their mark on the metagame in some way. 

Blitztank looks set to either be a non-factor or a menace due to all the quirks that come with being a tank in a fighting game, while all eyes are on Neopolitian for her fighting game debut. Elizabeth doesn’t have a history of high tier rankings, but there’s a chance the 2v2 set up of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle will let her cover for some of her weaknesses with the right choice of partner. 

It’s all up to the players to find the best use of these new characters now, but hopefully a few will appear in the top eight of major tournaments.


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